One account. All major crypto exchanges.

One account. All major crypto exchanges.

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Deepest Liquidity

Mint Exchange is the world’s first cryptocurrency clearinghouse designed for institutions to access all major exchanges through a single gateway. From one account, access the deepest liquidity and trade large blocks without moving the market.

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See the Entire Cryptocurrency Market and Access the Best Liquidity

From an exchange built for institutions on the proven, innovative technology underlying the Integral FX platform.

Brokers and Institutions

  • Connect to the entire market to access the best liquidity
  • Keep your capital in a secure clearinghouse
  • Built on a proven platform so your system will run 24/7 without fail
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Professional Traders

To trade on Mint Exchange, individual traders need an account with one of our institutional broker partners. Once you have an account with a Mint Exchange broker, you can access the best prices on the most secure cryptocurrency exchange.

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A Technology Partner You Can Trust

Trade on a Proven Platform

Built on the award-winning Integral platform which processes over $900 billion/month in fiat currency trading with 99.99% uptime.

Customer Support You Can Trust

Mint Exchange offers 24/7 live customer support, so if you have a question or concern, you’ll actually get an answer.

Access Best Liquidity at the Best Price

With the most exchanges, brokers, market makers and high frequency traders directly connected into the clearinghouse, Mint Exchange delivers the deepest and most diverse liquidity.

Safe and Secure

Mint Exchange deploys the most advanced cybersecurity infrastructure and practices in the cryptocurrency space today.

Industry Leaders Trust Mint Exchange

“As a provider of institutional grade market making and execution services, we needed an institutional grade technology partner,” said Todd Morakis, Co-Founder and Partner of JST Systems in Singapore. “Working with Mint Exchange, we are now able to offer the liquidity, stability and security necessary to provide the level of service our customers expect. As more institutional players enter the crypto-asset market, liquidity providers need sophisticated technology and risk management tools to service their needs. Mint Exchange was the first to deliver a complete solution that also includes robust security and custody. We’re proud to be one of the launch partners and we look forward to scaling our business together.”

— Todd Morakis, Co-Founder and Partner, JST Systems